Strength training for a beginner and stay fit during COVID-19

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In a previous post, I shared how I use Mirror for doing guided workout at home. Here, I would like to share some tips and my recent experience which work well for me:

1. Record your workout. As suggested by a friend of mine, who is also a great personal trainer, we can easily find out problems of our forms by reviewing the video! The better your form, the better your results and the less likely you are to hurt yourself! Instead of focusing on how many repeats, let us focus on how good your form is! Here is an example: I never realize I have trouble in single arm plank, as well as pushup. Once I recorded, you can easily find out that I can't hold my core stable during single arm plank. During pushup, I should go lower and my arms should move back a little bit more. I also need keep my neck in a straight line with the back...  Once I realized these problems, I can correct them during my future practice - 

2. Work out early. Many of us, including myself, believe that working out in the morning helps to boost our metabolism. Although this theory is controversial, there are obvious benefits: increased energy levels during the day and less chance to skip a workout! I always like to do some workout, from 20 pushups to 2 minutes squats (during toothbrushing) in the early morning to start my day. Especially during such a craziness, when we don't need worry about the morning commute, why not plan a half hour workout in the morning? You can still arrange an outdoor running, for an example, the later of the day. 

Thank you all for reading!