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How to stay fit during COVID-19? My workout routine is completely different now.  Instead of swimming 3-4 times a week and attending group workout at weekends, I run and take Mirror fitness classes.  

Since gym business paused, I debated between Peloton bike and Mirror. Both of these require an investment for the device itself and a monthly membership cost. I picked Mirror because of the following reasons:

1. I enjoy running outside for cardio training, and once gym opens I will still go swimming. Mirror provides a whole array of classes including barre, pilates, yoga and toning, which I can't do effectively by myself or even follow some random / free YouTube videos. 

2. Mirror also provide cardio training (boxing, cardio/strength, dancing) if I need do it in door. 

3. Whole family can workout together using Mirror, while Peloton only allows one person to workout.

4. Private training via Mirror is available.

Purchase itself is very straightforward. I ordered directly from Mirror website. Once you make the payment, you can start to use Mirror app on your cellphone / iPad to take classes. You won't be able to take live classes until the Mirror is installed.  Lead time is around 3 weeks nowadays and the white glove installation service is not available. However, installation is easy and takes about half an hour. We lean and secure the mirror on the wall at this moment. Once Covid-19 situation is better, you can still ask Mirror to install the mirror. 

I am very happy with Mirror and take class almost everyday. A 15min stretching class in the morning to start my day, a lunch break 30-45min barre, before dinner Yoga, and guided meditation before bed... Boys also enjoy taking boxing and strength classes. There are different levels and lengths you can try- Live classes are full of fun!


  1. How long have you been keeping up the workout on daily basis? Hope to hear later update on their service from you!


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