About me
I am Alexa, a full time neuroscientist / electrophysiologist working in Biotech industry.  I am fashion-minded and definitely a sale aficionado! I also enjoy cooking and small home projects. 

About this blog
Fabbylife.com is a blog about everyday life. It is an online platform for me to share deals, ideas and experience of fashion, beauty, cooking, gardening, travel and everything in between. I also hope to seek suggestions and feedback from you!

About reviews
All product reviews on this blog (in fashion, cooking and travel columns) are based on my own experience. 

About pictures and text
Most of photos on this blog are taken with a Nikon D800 camera. Nikon 85mm/f1.8g, 50mm/f1.4g and 24-70mm/f2.8g lenses are commonly used. I reserve the right to demand immediate cessation of use or transmission of any of my images and text without permission.

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