PAN-FRIED PORK BUNS (生煎包子 / 俩种方子任你选)

Le Creuset Nonstick Braiser (here, best nonstick pan, works with metal utensils)

Highly recommend Le Creuset nonstick braiser. The extra toughened coating is safe for metal utensils and oven up to 500F! My 4 QT one has been used over 8 years so far, and still works perfectly.

The texture of these pan-fried buns is soft and fluffy with a crispy bottom. I like to dip them in black rice vinegar with ginger, or even with extra chilli sauce. Whichever sauce you try, it won’t let you down. The buns taste very delicious on their own though.

Recipe 1: My original post here

Recipe 2: 这个馅料的方子和方子 #1相比,这个配方更加多汁。一般我用来做大肉包子。 用来做生煎的时候,需要稍微厚一点的皮,一次吃完。多汁放冷后,会把皮浸泡软。但是新鲜出锅,一口下去汁水多多,很是满足哟!

  1. 猪肉馅 1磅 (450g,推荐Trader Joe's的ground pork!)
  2. 生抽 15g
  3. 老抽 7g
  4. 盐 5g
  5. 蚝油 8g
  6. 白糖 7g
  7. 料酒 少量
  8. 油 (没有味道的油!)12g
  9. 麻油 5g
  10. 香葱一根切葱花
  11. 姜末 少许 (建议家里常备一块冷冻的姜, grind一下很方便)
  12. 水淀粉 (玉米淀粉 4g + 水 27g)


其余做法和recipe 1 一样




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