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Mung Bean Cakes are not cakes :). They are made with steamed mung bean flour, mixed with sugar and sesame oil, and molded into different shapes.

1. 250g绿豆,用vitamix打成粉,过筛。
2. 放入碗中,锡纸包好,隔水大火蒸35fenzhong;
3. 二次过筛,然后拌入90g白糖, 55-65g麻油 (慢慢加入,到可以捏成型即可,不要太湿)
4. 放入模具中(here, 100g模子的可以用来做月饼)。也可以根据自己的喜好包豆沙。。。。。。
5. 成品可以室温放2天,冰箱放一周。

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  1. Worth trying!! Thank you for sharing!