Extending the life of leather soled shoes - DIY (updated)

sole protector - here

As a New England resident, I have been finding the leather soled shoes a bit fragile. In one of my previous posts (here), I mentioned that it could be risky to send your shoes to a cobbler - I did have very bad experience. Although I found an excellent one later last year, the price he charges makes me hesitate to visit unless it is a must do job. The job is almost flawless, but I paid >$100 for these two pairs.

After read many reviews and blogs about leather sole protection, I decided to do it at home, on the shoes that either I won't wear very heavily (like Valentino pumps) or just need an extra layer of protection for their great quality leather sole (like Chanel classic flats).

The whole procedure is pretty straightforward. 

1. Clean the sole with a cloth, then alcohol pad (two for each pair included in the package. If you need more, you could find them from CVS). Wait till the sole dry.

2. Attaching the clear tape (included in the package) on the bottom and draw an outline of sole.

3. Remove the clear tape, and attach to the sole cover protector sheet. Cut the sole cover protector. If you make the mold from the left side, the sole cover is for the right side.

4. Remove the self-adhesive sole cover, and blow dry the sticky side for 15-30sec. You will find the cover is soften and turns to be very sticky. Attach it to the clean sole, from the middle to side, remove air bubbles.

5. Wait for 24 hours at least before wear. 

Besides this product, other ladies also use 3M tape (here) to DIY sole protection at home. I heard many good words of 3M tape too. 

For the 3 pairs I did last week, I haven't gotten chance to wear them outside. After walked in them indoor for hours, the sole stayed in place and did not show any sign of peeling off. I will update after I wear them out. 


update: The sole is still in place, and has no sign of peeling off after  walked for an entire afternoon! 


  1. Very help tips! Thanks for sharing! Hope to see more updates of your new buys!

    1. As other reviewers suggested, I did not wear the shoes immediately. Wore them at home couple days later, then wore them out. I wore them shopping for an entire afternoon, and it worked well so far!

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