For shoe lovers: my shoe care tools

As a shoe lover, I love buying shoes, wearing and taking care of them! I do wear my shoes. To me, leaving shoes on the shelf is wasting of money based on the cost per wear. How to take care of those delicate leather shoes is important for the shoe lovers, like me. Here are my shoe care essentials.

1. Meltonian water and stain protector (here). I apply it to all my winter leather boots and some light color shoes. It prevents stains being absorbed by the leather. You also can spray it on your bags.

2. 2-way shoe stretcher (here). Instead of breaking in shoes with my feet, I leave that job to shoe stretchers. If you feel your shoes are slightly tight or have some pressure points, stretch them for 48 hours! 

3. Liquid shoe stretch (here). Why do cobblers can stretch out your shoes while you can't even with professional shoe stretchers? One secrete is the liquid shoe stretch. For patent leather shoes, or those very tight shoes, you may want to apply liquid shoe stretch in the inner side before stretch them. It softens the leather and prevent shrinking back. 

4. Instant shining sponge (here). For a busy working girl (also a mom of a 6yr old boy) on the go, I don't have too much time to waste in the morning. This instant shining sponge does the job! It comes in black or natural (clear). I only use natural ones; however, I have two at hand, one for dark color shoes and the other for light colors.

5. Shoe goo (here). Good cobblers charge a lot for all kinds of repairs, so I do easy repair jobs by myself - like gluing small openings. In the below picture, I glued the sole of my Chanel flats (7yr old!)

6. Band Aid friction block (here). You can not only wear it on your feet, but also can put it on the shoes...

Sometime I add rubber sole to leather shoes, depending on the style, quality and purchase price. Let us break it down. High heels, I wouldn't walk on them for a long distance very often; Chanel flats have high quality leather sole which is not easily worn; Halogen leopard pumps only cost me $50... I won't add rubber sole to them. Salvatore Ferragamo vera pumps or varnia flats are made for walking, but have very thin leather sole - I sent them to my cobbler after couple wears. Some cobblers do better job than others, so you might want to check their reputation online and inspect their machine and 'product'!

What is your secrete of taking care of shoes?


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