It is the time to stock up Giorgio Armani sheer blush! & Chantecaille Rice & Geranium Foaming Cleanser

Giorgio Armani sheer blush (old version, favorite shades available here)
Giorgio Armani cheek fabric (new version, here and here)
I stopped by Giorgio Armani beauty in Saks Fifth Avenue this week, and was told that my favorite blushes were discontinued! Instead of the old package and color name/number, they released "cheek fabric" version which is way more expensive. Quality wise (the texture of the powder and color) seems to be same after a quick try, and also from other ladies' review online. The old version ones are still available in some stores, but popular shades seem to go very fast... It is the time to stock up, since before you open the package it won't expire (I did ask the BAs).

Original version: Giorgio Armani sheer blush, 0.21oz, $44 (my favorite shades are still available online here). My favorite color are #2 or #10, and #3. - my review in a previous post, here.

New version: the new color #503 is similar as #10 before. 

Chantecaille cleanser here

As it gets warm, I started to use a cleanser that could control the oil in my T-zone, gently exfoliate, and remove the makeup without using a separate step. This cleanser serves the purpose! I received a generous size sample, and after used the sample, I immediately bought the full size one. Don't need too many words, the great review of this product tells everything...