Quick review of summer makeup products

Happy Thursday everyone! As I promised a month ago, I will do a quick review of Suqqu makeup (and couple of my summer HG makeup product!)

Here is a picture I took at the end of a day, right before shower. Though it was nearly 90F and humid, the makeup lasted all day!

Suqqu Foundation #20 (here): It delivers a beautiful smooth and nude-look with a good coverage at the same time. It is very light and doesn't cause any additional burden to my sensitive skin. I have combination skin, normal cheeks and oily T-zone. It also makes pores look much smaller. I picked the color #20, which is perfect for my skin tone (slightly darker than Dior Nude #23). Suqqu is only available in Japan, London and Thailand. The beauty artist from Selfridges (London) told me that they received many orders coming from US. and they did ship!

Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #3 (here): Trust me, GA blush is way easier than Nars ones! I bought both #2 (pink) and #3 (peach). These blushes blend in easily and you won't worry about over-do :-).  Also, it stays there all day long.

La Mer transparent loose powder (here): In summer time, I always finish my makeup with a light layer of loose powder which helps the makeup stay longer.

Suqqu Eyebrow Liquid Pen (here): It lasts amazing long even I kept touching my forehead (taking care of my band). You only need this for the end of your brow. M.A.C (here) has a similar product and seems to have good review too!

Suqqu Eyebrow powder (here): always finish the brows with brow powder on the top.

Liquid Eye liner: A good long lasting non-smudging eye liner is necessary for any summer makeup, especially you need do some outdoor activities. There are two brands I highly recommend. One is a recent gift from my dear girl friend (thank you, Jing!), Kat Von D tattoo liner (here, $18). I guess the nearly 5 point review from 2400 reviewers tells us everything! Another brand is By Terry blackstar eyeliner ($43, here). Both of these last all day long, no matter you run or swim! One thing it is worth mentioning is that liquid eyeliners dry out in couple months. If you always place your eyeliner tip-downward which keeps the tip being moisturized, it can last longer.

Suqqu Eye Shadow (here): nice color and great quality!

Mascara: I alternate between Dior waterproof mascara (here, $25) and L'Oreal double extend tubes (here, $8.82). Both of them last well on my lashes!

Smith's minted rose lip balm (here, $5.59): As a foodie, I don't wear lipstick often. Usually I just put a little bit lip balm and go! After tried all brands (from $1 to $50+) lip balms / lip conditioners, I love Smith's lip balm best (rosebud perfume company)!

Thank you for your reading~