Club Monaco Talis dress with Chanel flats & CM fitting room pictures

Club Monaco Talis dress (size 0, extra 40% off sale price in store and online)
Chanel classic flats

When I first tried this dress (here) in the spring, the color seemed to be too dark and the style seemed to be too tedious. However, it looks much better now in the late summer; so does the price! No matter the temperature, our expectation for the clothes is different in the spring and fall. We like spring / early summer dresses in light or brighter colors, while late summer / fall dresses in darker or richer colors. Style wise, late summer / fall dresses normally have collars and sleeves.

There is an extra 40% off in Club Monaco stores and using code AUG40 to save online. You may call a store to locate Talis dress. 

Club Monaco also has several pretty cocktail dresses (and little black dresses)... share you several fitting room pictures. The light in their fitting rooms could not be dimmer.

Club Monaco Autumn dress (here, in black and blue)

Club Monaco Sofie dress (here in black, I like the navy blue better)


  1. 也许因为我们这里还是100 度,所以看着有点热,hehe。喜欢昨天的点点的裙子,很女人味。每天早上看到妹妹的漂亮服饰,一天都有好心情。谢谢。

    1. 我们早晨就70不到了,羡慕100度的地方,可以天天穿裙子呀。

  2. 这条可要可不要。肚子那里不服帖。颜色也偏老气了。

    1. :) I picked one size up. Size 00 looks better but limits my arm movement.


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