Zara tiger pattern jacquard sweater AND fitting room pictures of Club Monaco Talis dress

Part I. Zara tiger jacquard sweater
Zara tiger pattern jacquard sweater (here, other great tiger pattern sweaters here and here)
I found some new arrivals of animal pattern sweaters and tees by Zara online, and could not wait to check them in store this weekend. After tried almost everything there in the store, I picked this heavy cotton jacquard sweater. 

This sweater comes in 3 sizes, S, M and L. I wear it in size small, and you can find it still pretty roomy on me. Among Zara clothes, it is definitely well made. 100% cotton makes it comfortable and soft to touch. I put it on immediately after I paid for it :-). 

Part II. Club Monaco Talis dress

Club Monaco Talis dress (here)
Does this dress remind you Carven contrast twist dress that Wendy wore it here? Both of them have chic collar details and eyecatching prints. However, the Talis dress defines waistline better and elongates legs.  Shell and lining are polyester (this is the con, though the dress overall is comfortable to touch), and collar is made with silk. How do you think this dress?

Thank you for your reading!


  1. I like it, especially on you


  2. the dress reminds of 旗袍,ROBIN

  3. BTW, Why didn't you buy the black sweater with tiger, is there any quality issue with it?

  4. Hi Robin,

    The black one is thin... How do you think Club Monaco dress? Buy or not?


  5. The dress is chic on you. I like the color of the sweater, this color make your face more bright. I am 170cm and 120lb which size do you think will fit on me? Thank you!

  6. Hi Adan,

    You may want to try medium~


  7. You look nice on the sweater, the dress is so so. Spring is coming, try something bright.

  8. I just made an order online. Thanks for your quick reply.

  9. I like the dress. Robin

  10. Thank you for posting the Zara sweater. I ordered one online and got it today. But mine is yellow color and yours looked green in the picture. Do you know if they carry 2 colors? thanks!

    1. There are two colors, olive ( and gold (the one I wear, Mine is yellow / gold - check the last picture...

  11. I got the same one you as you. thanks!!

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