Moncler quilted dress & Spanx color tights

Moncler quilted tunic / dress (available at UK Selfridges)

Happy Saturday everyone! Post couple pictures of yesterday's outfit before heading to the gym.

Spanx tight-end tights (12 colors available, here)
I played this down-filled dress with plum color tights and boots yesterday, but it seems that pairing with black makes this dress stand out better (here)... Do you agree?

Burberry double breasted wool coat (here, and similar here)
Materia Prima boots from YOOX
The Spanx plum color tights (here) were bought for these boots! Spanx always has a great selection of colors and is about the half price of Wolford tights. Normally I buy basic colors (black and brown) from Wolford, and colored tights from Spanx.

Thank you for your reading and have a great weekend!


  1. awesome post!

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  3. What size of Burberry coat are you wearing? Thanks, lol

    1. Burberry brit line runs smaller than London. I wear Brit line in size 2 or 4, and London line in size 2 for sure.

    2. thank you, dear, wish you a great Sunday :)

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