Happy Valentine's day: Moncler quilted tunic / dress

Moncler quilted tunic / dress (available at UK Selfridges)
Sassybax leggings (here, opaque and gives great butt lifting and tummy control)
Tod's ankle belt boots (similar style with the same fitting here)
Balenciaga city bag (craving BLUE color  here)

Hi all, happy Valentine's day! For all of you who postpone the celebration to the weekend, I hope you have a happy time and relaxed long weekend.

Fendi sunglasses (similar style and fitting here)
JCrew necklace
Share you my review of Moncler quilted down/wool tunic dress. As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, Moncler had a second price cut of their winter/fall collections. This quilted dress is on sale at $287 in Neiman Marcus (item #8054403197111). It has a quilted panel (w/ down filling) at the front and wool back. Wearing it with leggings or tights keeps you warm in style without bulk. I layered a long-sleeve cotton tee underneath, and felt comfy in the office throughout the day. It definitely runs small! I wear this tunic in size M (instead of my normal size xs or Moncler size 0). The lay-flat measurements are: 14 '' (between shoulder lines), 38 '' bust and 24 '' from armpit to the hem. It doesn't generate too much static electricity. 

Juicy Couture leather bracelet
Opening ceremony coat
 Thank you for your reading!


  1. Wow Wow Wow! Just found out your site has a new look! Love this format and it makes my life much easier when looking for something. Great job, girls!

    Very cool accessories. Black and gold complete a classic look.

  2. You did a great job on makeup - your face looks great! I like your bag, but I would like a black one. Can you make some recommendations as to which Belanciaga I should get - for example, city, arena city etc., and which one you think is the most practical one? Thanks!

  3. For my height (5'4), city is the best choice! City also has the best proportion.

  4. It is great I can view your blog from iPad again!
    Happy Chinese New Year and happy valentine's day!

  5. Hi Liye, happy new year! Did you try MBMJ moto boots?


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