Burberry button-down shirt & fur vest: new buy Moncler quilted dress

My first thought when woke up this morning was wearing the new moto boots. I like to wear very comfortable clothes for the long working days (no mention of nearly 3-hour commute recently). Biker leggings, and pull-on moto boots seem to be a good combination~ 

Burberry check button-down shirt (similar here)
Banana Republic moto sweater cardigan
All Saints Ridley leggings (here, my review here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs moto pebbled leather boots (sale here)
After walking on them for an entire day (8am-8pm), I can say they are very comfy! If you have narrow feet, you may think this pair run half size up; otherwise, they are true to size. I wear them in my normal size (size 6), which has enough room for winter socks actually. Pebbled leather makes them less likely to be scratched. The dirts (from salt and melting snow) were easily wiped off and did not leave any residue on the surface. The golden locks are also the niche points, which match the golden hardwares of my bags. 

I took off the sweater indoor, and wore the vest directly on the button-down shirt. 

Moncler quilted dress (available on UK website here)
There is a second price cut of Moncler winter clothes in Neiman Marcus (in store, about 50% off the original price). They will be sent to the last call this weekend. If you plan to invest a Moncler down jacket/coat, you may want to check your local NM stores now. I took home a fun piece - Moncler quilted down / wool dress. It is on sale at $287 (item number #8054403197111).  Unlike most Moncler jackets, this dress runs one size small!! Will wear it tomorrow and share with you!

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  1. 新年好!羽绒裙好可爱!我买了和你一样的短靴,另外还定了它家风格类似的长靴,期待中。。。。眉庄

  2. You will love these ankle boots! Please let me know how knee-high boots fit!


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