New buys for HOME: Smeg / Peloton and more

Peloton Bike+

My smart gym gets a new member, Peloton bike+!  If your goal is to lose weight, keep yourself from gaining weight, or to improve your cardio, a Peloton bike is a wonderful option here. I don't enjoy running in cold weather, so biking will be my top choice in winter during pandemic. Compared to Peloton programs, I still like Mirror more for the trainer-guided workouts which cover multiple forms of fitness. Moreover, my family can workout together now with Peloton and Mirror. Each of them costs $39 / month membership fee.

SMEG citrus juicer (here / here / here)

SMEG juicer was so simple to use and so effective at maximizing the juice. The clean up is the best part for me. The 3 simple parts come off easily, no hidden cracks and crevices to clean, just rinse, wipe and dry and good to go. 

I have been asked how to keep home clean and organized. Answer is simple- clean your home everyday! Find a cleansing product can make this task easier. Here are two products I highly recommend:

1. Stainless steel cleanser - here

2. Karcher WV 1 Plus Window Vacuum - here


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with peloton bike! I really wonder whether the bike is worth the 2k price tag.

    1. A good question! I could not find a cheaper one on the market which is similar to Peloton bike! I personally enjoyed it very much! It is quiet enough to allow me to bike when watch football games! Guided training provided by Peloton cycling team is also the best. A lot of features like pairing to Apple Watch, automatically adjustment of resistance as the programs require, scenic road riding etc. make workout more enjoyable.

    2. Thanks so much for your detailed feedback! It sounds like Peloton Bike does have a lot to offer! Now I need to decide between the Peloton bike and the Mirror, two totally different fitness equipment.

    3. Normally boys like Peloton more than Mirror. My husband barely use Mirror. Ladies enjoy Mirror more. By the way, Chase credit card offers $100 or so for Peloton membership! Lead time is about 6wks for both.

  2. Finally pulled the trigger and bought the peloton bike plus this week! Really appreciate the all insights you shared. Happy new year!


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