Get my abs back!

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After entered my 40s, my weight and waist started to increase even I didn't change my diet and workout routine that much. Gaining couple pounds a year did not bother me at the very beginning, until last summer...  When I was excited to share photos I took in Spain with my dear friends, my upper arm and waist started to be my concern. 

Instead of spending time on photoshop, I decided to change my workout routine. I increase cardio to 4 times per week plus 1-2 strength training. Most of my cardio is swimming. Normally I swim 2500-3500 yard in 60-80 minutes, which helps me to burn 400-500 calories. When I run, I do interval runs (varying speed from 5mph to 8mph) for 45 minutes. Apparently,  I stopped all Barre, Zumba and Yoga classes.

With this new workout routine, I lost 5 pounds since July and brought my body fat percentage to ~17%. Although, I only do very little strength training, I get my abs back! 

As my new year resolution, I will keep my cardio intense workout and get an even better looking abs.