HG Cleanser: Majestic Pure Tea Tree Wash & La Mer The Cleansing Micellar Water

Majestic Pure Tea Tree Wash (here)
La Mer cleansing Micellar Water (here)
Cle de Peau Synactif Soap (here)

HG cleanser in my bathroom:

1. Makeup remover: unlike most makeup remover, La Mer cleansing Micellar water is not oil-based and doesn't leave any residues on the skin. You can use it in the same way as toner-  So when you are in a rush, you can just wipe off the makeup with it and put on your face cream directly. 

2. Cle de Peau soap: I like this face soap more than any other face cleanser. It cleans very well without drying out my sensitive skin.

3. Majestic pure tea tree wash: it cleans well without a strong tea-tree oil smell. If you use it everyday on your heels, it helps restore moisture to cracked heels. In addition, the anti-fungi ingredient can effectively prevent smelly foot!


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