New buys: Maje sweater, ponchos, Vince sweater and Dries Von Noten top

Dries Van Noten swing top (sold out, love this sweater on sale -here)

Maje Market Breton Jumper- 50% off here, true to size

Maje color block poncho- 50% off here - very warm but don't wear with black

Maje hooded poncho- 30% off here - will update my own photo soon~ 
Both ponchos are very practical: I wear them during long drive, in the office to keep me warm all day, and over my pajama to stay cozy at home~ Don't mention that they will be super useful in spring and early fall- 

Vince Ladder stitch sweater - sale here - run small


  1. May I ask the brand of your eyeglasses? Love the shape and color

    1. Hi there, happy new year~ I wrote a new blog introducing the glasses. Highly recommended. Try them in your local store or just order home to try - you will love them


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