Skincare review - 10% off at Bloomingdales

La Prairie anti-aging rapid response serum, 10% off here
La Mer the lifting eye serum, 10% off here

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion - here, $15 off every $150  


The only serum that works for me is La Prairie. Both La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion and La Prairie anti-aging rapid response booster give you clear improvement after a week! Skin definitely looks more pumped and glowing in the morning and is easy to put your makeup on. I am on my third bottle of rapid response booster now. The LP cellular Power Infusion is more expensive, and you need use one box every 6 month (SA recommend every 3 months, but all my friends told me once or twice a year).  LP rapid response booster has similar effect, and one bottles last me at least 4 month. 

La Mer the lifting eye serum is one of their new released serum series. Unlike LM eye cream, this serum absorbs well and doesn't give me any milia (white bumps). However, I did not see any lifting effect :(. 

SkinMedica Retinol Complex .25 - here, recommended by my dermatologist
Anessa spf50 sunscreen - here
TAKAMI skin peeling, super gentle - the best
Cle de Peau Illuminating concentrate mask - here


Dermatologists always tell you retinol is the only thing that prevents wrinkles! She suggests SkinMedica .25 to me. Started with once a week for two weeks, then applied twice a week. Once your skin gets used to retinol, you can use every other day or even everyday. I am still doing twice a week after 8 months so far, and always mix with La Mer creme to prevent drying my skin too much (when I use retinol, I don't use serum that night). Sunscreen is required when you use retinol. 

Skin peeling is an important step, especially for my oily T-zone. TAKAMI is the best peeling toner I had been used, zero irritation! The white/black bumps disappeared after 3 days! One bottle last a month. You can find from the the above pictures, the pores on my nose turned to be clean. 

Cle De Peau illuminating mask is also a star product. One mask per week, and skin feels really good on the second day. 


Thanks for stopping by and will do makeup products review soon!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Once tried a sample of the LP rapid response serum and was really impressed! Will definitely buy the full size!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Very impressive. Where did you buy Takami? And how do you usually remove the Anessa sunscreen at the end of a day? Your skin looks amazing. Do you mind to share your daily skincare routine as well? Thanks a bunch.

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