Skincare review - 10% off at Bloomingdales

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The only serum that works for me is La Prairie. Both La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion and La Prairie anti-aging rapid response booster give you clear improvement after a week! Skin definitely looks more pumped and glowing in the morning and is easy to put your makeup on. I am on my third bottle of rapid response booster now. The LP cellular Power Infusion is more expensive, and you need use one box every 6 month (SA recommend every 3 months, but all my friends told me once or twice a year).  LP rapid response booster has similar effect, and one bottles last me at least 4 month. 

La Mer the lifting eye serum is one of their new released serum series. Unlike LM eye cream, this serum absorbs well and doesn't give me any milia (white bumps). However, I did not see any lifting effect :(. 

SkinMedica Retinol Complex .25 - here, recommended by my dermatologist
Anessa spf50 sunscreen - here
TAKAMI skin peeling, super gentle - the best
Cle de Peau Illuminating concentrate mask - here


Dermatologists always tell you retinol is the only thing that prevents wrinkles! She suggests SkinMedica .25 to me. Started with once a week for two weeks, then applied twice a week. Once your skin gets used to retinol, you can use every other day or even everyday. I am still doing twice a week after 8 months so far, and always mix with La Mer creme to prevent drying my skin too much (when I use retinol, I don't use serum that night). Sunscreen is required when you use retinol. 

Skin peeling is an important step, especially for my oily T-zone. TAKAMI is the best peeling toner I had been used, zero irritation! The white/black bumps disappeared after 3 days! One bottle last a month. You can find from the the above pictures, the pores on my nose turned to be clean. 

Cle De Peau illuminating mask is also a star product. One mask per week, and skin feels really good on the second day. 


Thanks for stopping by and will do makeup products review soon!


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