Classic yellow sponge cake with whipped heavy cream

cake circle - here
Use 12'' cake circle for 8'' cake here 

cake circle - here
Use 10'' cake circle for 8'' cake here

 Followed the recipe here

I double the recipe below, which makes two 8'' cake, each is about 3cm tall. (It depends on the size of eggs, normally 4-5 eggs are enough to double the recipe).

Couple tips:

1. Temperature is important. Water bath the batter when you beat it - 40C is about 103F.

2. Every electrical mixer is different! I need double the time to beat the batter as it mentions in the recipe. 


Ingredients for one 8 inch cake, 3cm tall

egg: 135g
cake flour: 90g
unsalted butter: 23g


1. Line the cake pan with parchment paper.  sift cake flour. Preheat oven to 330F (lower to 320F when you bake the cake).

2. Add egg and sugar in a bowl. Leave the bowl in simmering water, and heat to 103F. Whisk the egg and sugar together. Keep the temperature around 103F. 

3. Water bath A. (butter and milk), and keep the temperature around 103F. 

4.  Beat the egg and sugar mixture at the high speed (when I double the recipe, it normally takes me 6 minutes). Beat until the batter is pale, and when you lift the mixer, the batter should flow down as a thin line rather than drops

5.  Continue beat at the medium-low speed for another 3-6 minutes. Beat until the batter is smooth, and when you insert a tooth stick in (about 1cm deep), it doesn't fall very quickly. 

6. Add in cake flour, and use rubber spatula to blend gently until well mixed. 

7. Add A (103F) to the batter. Blend thoroughly but gently.  When you blend, start at 1 o'clock, scratch the bottom and lift the spatula out of the batter at 7 o'clock. Rotate the container and repeat the above motion for 80 times.  The batter should be smooth and glossy!

8. Pour the batter in the pan, and shake it gently to let air bubbles out before send the pan to the oven. Bake at 320F for 38min. The surface is brown, and when insert a tooth stick, it comes out clean. 

9. Cool the cake on a cook rack, with the bottom of cake up.








  1. 准备 
    ·将 A放入搅拌碗等容器中。 


    隔水加热 A,黄油溶化后,使温度保持在40℃以上。

    Point  如果蛋糊在滴落过程中断线了,说明打发得不够。打发过度的蛋糊纹理粗糙。

    Point  理想状态:将牙签插入打好的蛋糊中约1厘米,不会很快 

    Point  仔细搅拌至蛋糕糊纹理细腻、富有光泽,用刮刀盛起蛋糕糊时不黏稠、能够自然地顺畅流下。



Whipped heavy cream

To make a two-layer 8'' cake, you need 4 cups heavy cream. Beat all ingredients below till medium-hard peak forms.

Heavy cream: 4 cup 
Cream cheese: 4 tbsp (room temperature, it makes the whipped cream stable and glossy. For this small amount, you won't taste it)
Powder sugar: 4 tbsp


1. Leave the whisks of the electrical mixer and the container in the freezer for at least 20 minutes before you use them.

2. After you finish the decoration, leave the cake in the refrigerator for 2hours before serve.

3. Love chocolate deco pen from Williams-Sonoma.

Happy holiday!


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