Roger Vivier ballerine chips & Frame rip skinny jeans (quick review)

The Frame rip jeans - here : super comfy and fits true to size. I wear my normal jeans sz 25.
Kenzo tiger sweatshirt - sale at $197 here
Kenzo eiffel tower sweatshirt - online /in  store here; best price here
Roger Vivier - same style in satin here

Roger Vivier, pronounced as 'ro-JAY viv-ee-AY', was the most innovative shoe designer in France. The signature style from RV is chips. There are very limited stores carrying this brand.  Though I had my eyes on them for almost two years, I had no luck of any sales so far.   If you are interested in RV flats, don't miss the $200 off $1000 or $300 off $1500 coupon (details here). 

It fits true to size. I normally wear size 6-6.5 (SF, size 6; Chanel, size 6.5), and ordered size 6 for both pairs. When I asked my friends' experience of these shoes, I heard different voice... Some ladies said it a dream to wear them, right from the start, no breaking in required at all; while others complained the metal buckle hurt a lot. They seem to be comfy so far after I walked in them briefly at home. However, you never know what will happen after walk a long distance. Will update once I get a chance to wear them out. 

Thank you~