Travel must-haves...(one carry-on for 9 days)

Sweater: Ted Baker (coral color here)
Jeans: Frame denim (similar here and here)
Scarf: Hermes cashmere (here)

sneakers: Nike (good sale of running shoes here)
After many traveling in these years, I've learned the many advantages of bringing only a carry-on: avoiding baggage fees, not having to worry about being less encumbered by heavy bags while navigating a new place. And while other fliers are waiting at baggage claim, I'm breezing past them to hop in a cab and get on with my day. For this 9-day trip, I packed 3 pairs of pants, 3 sweaters, 3 pairs of shoes, 2 t-shirts and one coat in a carry-on. To get everything you need in a carry-on, here are some tips I have earned. 

1. travel kit

Tumi travel kit - here
Skincare, makeup and personal care are all organized in a Tumi Alpha 2 travel kit (here). It is big enough and easy to clean. Can't live without it during traveling. Also would like to suggest Lush solid shampoo and conditioner (here) for traveling, especially for ladies who are picky for hair products. The small solid shampoo lasts about 80 washes, and there are many choices. They are just as good as other LUSH products!

2. jeans 

I packed 3 pairs of pants for this trip: white jeans, ink color skinny and leather pants. Half of these days I wore my distressed skinny jeans. It goes with any tops or shoes. For the light weight texture, it dries easily after wash. Highly recommend FRAME denim!

3. scarf / shawl

Compared to jackets, scarves are mush easier to be packed! I had Gucci and Hermes shawls with me this trip. They are light and small enough to be put in my purse, but good enough to keep me warm after sunset!

4. sneakers

Always have a pair of sneakers packed, for gym and touring! To stay fit during vacation (relaxed, more sleep, more food...), I did one hour workout in most of days.  Also need sneakers when I have to chase my energetic son in a park. Actually after walking in the city for several days, no shoes could be as comfy as sneakers :-). 

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  1. Can you do a detailed review of the hermes scarf? it looks does it compared to the Gucci? I have a Gucci one and am thinking of investing in another one. Thanks!

  2. Nice post. I am terrible in packing baggage: sometime too much, other time too bored.
    I noticed that you did not bring any high heel and dress/skirt. Do you think they are not they travel friendly?

    1. Normally I packed a pair, but I prefer to a nice pair of flats... Barely have chance to wear heels with a boy is around.


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