White chocolate raspberry cheesecake with glazed berry topping & must-have cheesecake gears

White chocolate raspberry cheesecake is already legendary within my family and friends! :-) Here is the recipe ... I have made dozens of it, and never failed. Since I had more and more requests of bring this cake to a party, I updated my gears:

1. Cheesecake pan - here
I'm a very detailed person and I love this pan (way better than springform)! Aluminum pan bakes evenly without the tough thick crust you find in most retail pans (dark steel or aluminized steel). The edges are completely smooth (no seams). The bottom opening and removable bottom are also smooth, no sharp edges. Much easier to line the pan and take cake out.

2. Cake lifter - here
This is a kitchen must have. Use to lift pizza from the hot pan, large cookies on the cooke pan in one piece, and cakes...  

3. Cake circle - here
I use these cake circles when make mousse cake or transfer my cheesecake from the pan to cake stand...

4. Cake keeper - here
Extremely useful when you need to take your delicate cake to a party :)


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