Canada Goose Trillium Parka

Canada Goose Trillium Parka - here

Sweatshirt: Kenzo (here or here; black 20% off here)
Boots: Stuart Weitzman (old, current season here 50% off!)
There are many reviews of Canada Goose Trillium (4 colors here) and Kensington coat (here), both of which are extremely warm and well made! When I browsed Bloomie this afternoon, I saw both of them on the rack (and size xs!). So gave them a try~~

Canada Goose kensington - here

Apparently, I like bright color better! Besides the color, Trillium is slightly shorter than Kensington and fit my height (5'4) better; in addition, Trillium is a little bit more feminine than Kensington with the wide elastic band on the back. As other reviews have mentioned that Trillium is warmer than Kensington - you could easily feel the difference if you put them next to each other. 

Size wise, Trillium is more generous than Kensington. Size xs of Trillium is roomy on me even over a chunky sweater, while kensington has a slim fit.

Chestnut Hill
225 Boylston Street
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
   011-0135-1806    72048799  0135  2:12 PM  1/04/2015 PURCHASE ACTIVE COATS                   495.00 773289433165   186/32  Orig 695.00 $200.00 Off  CRL XXXXXXXXX5098     6.250% MA  RGLR Tax         20.00                   Total        515.00 American Express               515.00

When I asked a SA whether she could match the deal in Neiman Marcus ($200 of $700 purchase, online only; I know normally they don't do it, but never hurt to ask!), she took $200 of the price tag. Now, one more down coat in my closet!

Last year, when I bought my Moncler Bady down jacket, I also asked a SA for a discount and got $200 off in Saks Fifth Avenue! Again, never hurt to ask whether they could honor a discount! 


  1. Thank you so much for your good news, which enable me to secure mine with discount. Your update came just in a timely manner because I was thinking of buying a red down parka with high quality since last week, it is such a coincidence that both of us like the same thing. It is also so considerate of you to upload your receipt which helps a lot to convince the online agent. Thank you so very much and all the best to your family in the new year!

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