Duvetica down jacket sale from $265 - 7 different colors available

Duvetica down jacket sale $265 herefor price comparison, Duevetica sale at Saks Fifth Avenue here
Duvetica is an Italian down jacket brand founded by Giampiero Vagliano and Stefano Rovoletto, who both have a history at Moncler, where Vagliano was President and Rovoletto held the position as Brand Manager. When they started working at Moncler in 1995, the brand had great challenges both in terms of turnover, positioning and image. Over the course of five years they managed to increase global sales from €2 million to €30 million, while greatly improving both brand awareness and brand equity. After resuscitating Moncler they wanted to make something of their own, and five years after leaving Moncler they launched Duvetica in the Japanese market in 2005.

Duvetica down jacket sale at $319 here, in white and yellow

Duvetica down coat sale at $269 here,  in mocha and black


  1. What size you are wearing? Thanks!

    1. I never tried them in store... you may find this brand in sake.


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