Flounce-hem dress & over-the-knee boots (good deals @ bloomingdales now)

Dress: H&M (here, similar style by designers here and here)
Vest: Vince fox fur (old, similar here and here)
Boots: Stuart Weitzman 5050 OTK (here, bloomingdales gift card event starts on 11/12/14 - earn $25 gift card for every $100 purchase)

Hi all! Just a reminder that Bloomingdales will have a gift card event next week (11/12/14) and pre-sale is ongoing now! You can earn $25 gift card for every $100 purchase! In addition, if you are interested in Stuart Weitzman classic 5050 OTK, you may want to check Bloomingdales. They have black leather quilted 5050 - here on sale in store now (they were 50% off when I ordered them but only 40% off later today)!

STRT WTZMN WS                  322.50
883400541324   610/45 
Orig 645.00 New Price $322.50 
 Tax          9.22
    6.250% MA  RGL R
                  Total        331.72

Thank you for reading! 


  1. Did you get the classic 5050 or the quilted ones at 50%.
    I have been dreaming about this pair for a long time and couldn't find one in sale.

    1. I bought my 5050 at the full price. The best deal for plain leather classic 5050 is 20% off... The quilted one is on sale, but it might be only good on the ladies killer legs.

  2. Thanks! I will buy them when I'm ready to splurge. I recently found a pair of SW Mainline but I wasn't impressed with the length or the sole. I'm also 5`4".

  3. I just ordered a pair of mainland on sale as well. What is your biggest complain? I am also 5'4

  4. the boot hit just around the knee cap not completely above and the sole seem to be slippery. I decided to get the classic 5050.

  5. A flounce hem dress paired with over-the-knee boots is a fashion-forward combination. What Controller Best The contrast of flowing fabric with sleek boots creates a striking look, balancing femininity with a touch of edge.


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