Fermented rice with poached egg

Started my Sunday morning (a little bit chilly) with fermented rice with a poached egg. Sweet, perfumed and 'alcoholic', this was sheer heaven :)

3 cups glutinous rice
1-2 rice yeast ball* (about 10 - 15g) - more yeast shorter fermentation time..


  1. Soak the rice for 12 hours or overnight. Drain. Steam for 30 minutes at least or till rice is cooked through. 
  2. Cover and leave rice to cool
  3. Boil some water leave to cool (I used bottle water).
  4. Crush the rice yeast with pestle and mortar (here) to powder.
  5. Put the rice in clean mixing bowl, loosen with a wooden spoon the rice is very sticky difficult to stir. Sprinkle with boiled cooled water and ground rice yeast to loosen rice and thoroughly mix yeast into the rice. Amount of water needed is about 1/2 cup, a little bit more is ok too.
  6. Pour rice mixture into a thoroughly clean glass jar or plastic container. You can make a hole in the centre of the rice (not essential), this will give indication when rice has fermented and juice is appearing in the hole. 
  7. Cover (w/ plastic food wrap) and leave in the oven with light on and door open. The best temperature for fermentation is about 31C or about 88Fahrenheit.
  8. Check the rice 24 hours later, and add 1/4- 1/2 cup water (lower than 31C ) in to give more juicy.  When the rice becomes very wet and juice collecting on bottom of container or around the container it's ready. If it tastes sour or too alcoholic something has gone wrong maybe overferment or temperature too high.
  9. Stir the mixture, store in clean jar or original container and leave in the fridge up to a month. Do not air tight the jar due to further fermentation. The mixture will continue to ferment so the longer you leave it more alcoholic it becomes when sugar turns to alcohol or become a bit sour when sugar turns to vinegar. So use it when the mixture is still at its sweetest stage. If you are not going to eat it within a month can put some in the freezer


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