ALLSAINTS big SALE (leather skirt, dress and tops)

AllSaints airi tee (here-available in store; similar here online)
AllSaints pipe leather skirt (here; also love here)

The high waist leather skirt runs small, and I bought USsize 4 which fit like a regular xs/0.  Here is the measurement taken from USsize 4: waist 25'', length 20''.  Unlike the last year version, this skirt is made with soft lamb leather! "Wear it with a sheer top and stiletto sandals to make a statement"...

Bought from AllSaints in Bloomingdales, you can receive an extra 25% off with Bloomingdales card or 20% off with any other payment methods.

LEASED RTW                     161.25
885324857413   934/66 
Orig 430.00 Today's Price 215.00 
25% Coupon  
(leather skirt)

LEASED RTW                      19.50
885324881241   934/66 
Orig 100.00 Today's Price 26.00 
New Price $26.00 25% Coupon  
(airi tee)

Top: AllSaints Safia dress (here, and similar Afia dress here)
bottom: AllSaints Tulli dress (here, and similar here with more sizes available online)

Safia dress fits true to size, and I bought USsize 2 (as regular size xs/0). Tulli dress only has USsize 4 in store, which is slightly roomy on me. 

LEASED RTW                      60.00
885324861977   934/66 
Orig 305.00 Today's Price 80.00 
New Price $80.00 25% Coupon
(Safia dress)

LEASED RTW                      60.00
885324854986   934/66 
Orig 305.00 Today's Price 80.00 
New Price $80.00 25% Coupon  
(Afia dress)

LEASED RTW                      27.75
885324844727   934/66 
Orig 160.00 Today's Price 37.00 
New Price $37.00 25% Coupon  
(Tulli dress)