Halston Heritage bell skirt & Anne Fontaine shirt

Anne Fontaine shirt (old, current season options Vince here , CH here, Equipment here)
Halston Heritage skirt (here- true to size,  solid red here, also like print here)
Chanel classic flap bag

Happy Thursday! Another busy week that I need to bury myself in experiments and prepare for a talk next week in FL. But we have a vacation planned right after the meeting, enjoying food and warm weather!

Chanel sunglasses
Chanel pumps
Skirt is the only keep from Neiman Marcus extra 25% off sale purchase (previous deal post here). Very decent quality, textured (thick) silk with large pleats and silk lining. Fits true to size.

For ladies who like Anne Fontaine clothing (all made in France, basic colors, slim fit cut and chic styles), their e-shop started last month, here! Happy shopping!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Very pretty! You have such a small waistline.

  2. very elegant, love the skirt

  3. May I ask what is your profession? You always dress so beautifully, and look so graceful, love it! You also seem baking well :).

  4. At a company or a faculty? major? It is amazing you can balance life and work so well!!!

    1. :( I am still a postdoc now...so not under a big pressure of funding issue~~~

    2. Enjoy this no-pressure time! Never thought of becoming a fashion professional? Love your taste! You also have such a positive attitude embracing life:).


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