A day on heels @ Miami

Valentino sandals (last season; classic nude rock stud slingback here, and flats here)

I always bring a pair of high heels with me, nude or black, when traveling. But, the beautiful beach and park left me no chance wearing them all this week. The last day in Miami, I convinced my boys to spend time on shopping, and I was on heels!

Cut25 dress (here,  similar style from DVF here,  also like the yellow dress choice here)LV Brea MM bag (here)Hermes Lena necklace (here)

Share some shopping pictures ...

Red Valentino coat dress (here, true to size)
s' Maxmara coat (fully reversible! It saved me when flied from 90F to 30F)

Talk to you soon~


  1. 一直喜欢你的风格, 不过很少人能把黄色穿好看,你也不能例外哦。


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