Suede leggings & boots (extra 50% off Vince sweaters this weekend!)

Vince suede leggings (here, similar here - true to size!)
Stuart Weitzman suede boots (old)
Happy Lunar New Year! Happy Super Bowl weekend! This weekend will be full of food, drinks and happiness (again...)! In a previous post, I was asked about food & fitness. There is no secrete - workout is the only way to stay fit. I exercise at least four times a week: running / swimming (30-60 minutes), barre (1hr) and Zumba (1hr). Whenever the temperature is above 30F, I walk to my barre class (3miles round trip) instead of riding subways. Also, I try to climb the stairs rather than take an elevator. I believe we all could squeeze some time out of everyday, so never use 'too busy' as an excuse for staying at rest. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, while an object in motion tends to stay in motion. It's Newton's first law. In fitness terms, this means that the more you exercise, the more your body wants to exercise. 

Vince colorblock turtleneck sweater (here, extra 50% off at Bloomies $74 w/ item number 822508273003; it is true to size)

From several pairs of leather /suede pants I bought these couple years, here are two tips for picking a good pair of leather pants. First, you need them to be body-hugging. Leather stretches out easily, and after it stretches out, it won't shrink back. I had couple pairs turning way too big for me just after couple wears. Second, suede leggings have a less snuggling look because of its texture. Suede also may 'shrink' back after being stretched. 

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  1. Alexa,
    I wish we could be closer to work out together! Good job! And happy Chinese New Year!
    I like your Vince leggings, how is the size compare to Vince Jeans? Thanks.

    1. I normally wear Vince sz25 jeans. The suede leggings I wear are size xs. You want them to be body-hugging! I had a pair (Theory brown suede, size 2) last year, which turned to horribly big for me after wears.


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