GE Water Softener

GE 40,000 grain water softener (here)
We have city water in both our last and current house. However, the water stain is always everywhere. We resort to the GE 40,000 Grain Water Softener - here. It uses a filter to remove elements such as calcium, and salt water to regenerate the filter (catch: a drain is needed). It is convenient, easy to install, and doesn't use much salt. We probably use one bag of 40 lb salt a month.


The water softener sits in a corner of the basement. The irrigation system goes before the softener to save salt. The unit provides a bypass valve in case the softener needs to be put offline. 

The salt tank looks durable, and carries additional warranty. But be careful handling it during installation.

The control panel is straightforward, I like the salt saver and salt remainder features. 

Overall, We have seen a much improved water quality and comfort. It is a very worthy investment. 


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