One aspect of down-filled jacket quality: do feathers come out?

Add Down 2pc down coat (old, similar fit here and here)
J Brand pants (old)
Isabel Marant Bekket wedge sneaker (here)
UGG leather smart gloves (here)
Emilio Pucci sunglasses (old)

A down-filled coat or jacket with good quality is definitely a must-have for anyone who lives in the northeast. There are four criteria for me to pick a down jacket/coat: percentage of down among the entire filling,  quality of the down (you shouldn't feel the end of the feather),  the amount of the filling (thin or thick), and the fabrics.  The first three criteria are easy to find out, by reading the tag and feeling the clothes themselves. The last one, fabrics, is a little bit tricky.

In general, a ''down-proof" fabric will be windproof, lightweight and tightly-woven enough keep those pesky plumes from sticking out and making you look like you just escaped a tart and feathering. 

So far, only two brands, Moncler and Add Down, have no feather leak. Burberry (especially light weight ones), Canada goose, the North Face, BCBG, Theory etc. all more or less have this problem. After I carefully compared the fabrics of these jackets, I would definitely avoid buying light weight ones again in the future. 

Thank you for reading!