New buys from Barney's sale: Prada & Christian Louboutin

Wishing all of you happy holidays with your loved ones! 

Prada high-top sneaker (black, white, similar suede version here)
This pair was bought from Barney's (NYC madison ave store), which is on sale at $279.00 now.  Designer shoes just had a second price cut (except Christian Louboutin and Chanel) at Barney's in store and online. There are several on the shelves (both red-black and solid black version). The item number of this pair is 00505027371800. It is true to size. 

Christian Louboutin oxford, 30% off

Whenever I am in the city, my eyes automatically filtered those shoes with heels. The last time I visited my podiatrist, he suggested me (I guess it is true for all ladies) to avoid pointed shoes and high heels. Pointed / high heeled shoes are the major reasons for bunion formation, which is irreversible unless being treated with a surgery. Any heels above 2 inches are not recommended for a long wearing (2 hours, if I am correct). If you a regular reader of my blog, you may notice that I keep adding 'walking shoes' to my closet these years. However, just like all other ladies, I adore high heels; but I try to limit them into pumps and sandals, when I could simply change into flip flops. 

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2013 Christmas NYC


  1. 黑色那双显得脚和脚踝胖乎乎,不太好看。红色的很好看。

    1. It is dark green :) Very hard to take a picture ~~~


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