Miss Wu pleated leather skirt with Rick Owens biker jacket Vs. J.Crew leather front cardigan

Miss Wu pleated leather skirt (here, run one size small)
left, J.Crew leather-front sweater (here, still available in store)
right, Rick Owens biker leather jacket (here, here or here)
B Brian Atwood pumps (old, also good choice here)
LV eli bag (old)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! A warm front brought us a warm weekend, and I took my new skirts out for a spin! - Miss Wu pleated leather skirt runs one size small.

I had J.Crew merino sweater with leather pocket (here) on my wish list, but it was sold out before markdowns. Fortunately, they released this leather-front cardigans! Its quality is as decent as that of Helmut Lang leather sweatshirt (here), but fits better on me. I like the knit sleeves more, softer and easier to play layers. 

Fitting room picture:
Helmut Lang leather sweatshirt (here)

Which pairing do you like more, with a cardigan or jacket?

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  1. hi Alexa, what size is your cardigan? thanks!

  2. I like the jacket, though the cardigan is a great pairing piece too.Robin

    1. Personally I like short top with pleated skirts, so I vote for the leather jacket. I do also like pullover style with the leather skirts. RO biker jacket is a great piece to have. You have a very good taste!

  3. I like both pairings but I think I prefer the jacket on you, it flatters your figure more. All that leather looks a little bit uncomfortable, ist it? Your shoes are awesome!!

  4. So pretty!!!! PS 我想买件timeless 的黑大衣,最好带羊绒的,你觉得Burberry好吗?她家什么时候打折最多?感恩节还是圣诞?谢谢你! 梅庄

    1. Burberry比较帅气的款 很少带羊绒,但是还算是实用容易搭配,timeless。 要说最便宜肯定是12/26 一般来说那个时候sale都有extra 40-50% off,但是码子不齐全了。你想要什么款式的?

  5. I like the cardigan look better!

  6. I followed you to get the J Crew Cardigan online as well. It was a pretty good deal when I ordered($120-ish), cannot wait to try it.


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