Animal Jacquard sweater, wedge sneakers & Aviator Sunglasses from Jimmy Choo

BCBG sweater (old, similar animal jacquard sweater here with 20% off NOW!)
J Brand pants (old)
Isabel Marant Bekett wedge sneakers (here, I bought FR36 for my US 6)
Jimmy Choo aviator sunglasses (here, similar here with 20% off now)
Celine mini luggage bag

Hi all, happy Friday! After buried myself in work for continuous 3 weeks, I planned to have a fully relaxing weekend. Sharing my new buys and new pairing experiments with you gals... 

In these busy days, most of my pictures were taken by iPhone, using a cool app called 'timercam' (here). Using this app, your iPhone is just like a self timer camera (you may set timer at 5s, 10s, 15s and 30s). You can use both front and back camera! Stay around 3 feet, at least, away from your phone to avoid distortion. 

After tried dozens of aviator sunglasses, I finally chose Jimmy Choo mali (best price here) from Bloomingdale's. It is also available at Zappos (here). There are two major reasons which led my decision. First, this pair is very light and if you adjust the nosepieces well, they won't leave marks on your nose; second, unlike other aviator sunglasses (let us say ray bon or tom ford), this pair is relatively feminine b/c of the color and thin metal frame. If you are a girl who can rock a very cool look, you will have more choices. 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I LOVE this sweater so much :D
    Great information here, lol

  2. So pretty! Love the new sunglasses. I will try to find this one tomorrow.

    1. Here are several good choices, which I barely chose!
      Dior: comes in pink/silver, purple/silver, black/golden. Very good fit, but there are 4 screws which bothered me.

      Chanel: excluded in FF. The one I like is slightly wider for my face.

      Jimmy Choo: there are two styles both of which are great! This pair is lighter.

      I hope it helpful

  3. Are those photos taken by iphone too? Great photos!!!

  4. Are those photos taken by iphone too? Great photos!!!

    1. Yes, they were all taken by iPhone, by myself~~~

  5. Great outfit! You look so cute! Would you mind to share your lip color? So pretty~~~

  6. 非常感谢推荐,在网上订购了这款墨镜收到后非常喜欢。

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