Peach sweater white shirt with printed jeans & leather jeans sale @ Tjmaxx

J.Crew cardigan (old, similar  pullover, boyfriend cardigan and boxy sweater)
Leifsdottir zola shirt (here, maybe available in Anthropologie stores)
DVF jeans (old)
Chanel classic flats
LV neverfull tote

One outfit of this hectic week, very comfortable for a long work day (let us say 12+ hours per day...).  Peach is my favorite color, which flatters my skin complexion and lasts all seasons!

After 'lived' in the lab for almost a week, I left early this afternoon browsing deals. Here are two pieces. The leather pants / jeans will go to my girlfriend  who has killer legs :-). (I borrowed for a picture). The leather jeans are very soft and light. There come in red, pine green and navy blue. FYI,  Kate Spade and Joe's clothes are not located in 'runway' section in my local store.

Vince sweater ($119.99)
Joe's lamb leather jeans (here, $249.99 @ TJ, true to size, coming in several colors)
Thank you for reading!


  1. Hi Alexa
    I want to get a pair of flats. Do you have any thoughts on Chanel, SF, and Tory Burch? The one you are wearing looks awesome!

    1. Hi, I have all of these three brands. They are at different price levels: Chanel classic flats (nice colors) are $675, SF varina flats are $425 (you may find deals in Bloomingdales, ~ $300), and TB flats are around $200 depending on the sole (rubber or leather). For these three brands, their quality and comfy level correspond to their price pretty well :-). Chanel is the most classic and has the best quality, but you may not want to wear them out in wet days...


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