Moncler bady down jacket & Torn peplum sweater in white

Moncler Bady down jacket (here - with all sizes, here limited size)
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My impulse buy turns to be very happy! This beautiful Moncler down jacket caught my eyes at the moment I stepped into Saks Fifth Avenue. I immediately grabbed one though I thought there might not have my size... It is hard to find size xs or even s! But this time, there are xs in both pink and black!

I decided to buy it, no matter there was no promotion at all... I would not try my luck to wait till F&F next month. Most likely Moncler will be excluded, or my size will be gone. Then I had my second surprise... To make a long story short, my SA offered me 'spend $1000, get $200 off your purchase' (it expires 9/30/2013... but there might be some other offers). Eventually I found a lovely down jacket in my size!

Here is his contact, in case you need a helpful SA in Saks Fifth Avenue! There are only pink and black in this local store, but I believe Michael could locate other colors if they are available in the company / online.

Michael Beaven
Boston store

Moncler Bady jacket in black (here)

Torn Layla cable-knit peplum sweater (here, or here)

Should I buy this sweater during F&F?

Thank you for reading!


  1. 毛衣不好看,很喜欢你穿粉色的羽绒服,把你衬得粉嫩嫩的哈。

  2. I will like the sweater to go as well. Pink jacket looks lovely

  3. 粉色好看啊。你太美了。

  4. Did you wear Plum size 0 in the first two pictures? The color looks so different than that in saks website.


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