How to choose a cooktop?

GE profile cooktop

Cooktop or range are no doubt the center element of a kitchen. How to select a cooktop can be determined from several aspects.

The first aspect is what type of heating is needed. Cooktop typically either uses gas heating or electric heating. Gas heating utilizes the combustion heat released from burning of natural gas or propane, while electric heating uses electricity. From my perspective, the high heating rate associated with gas heating is indispensable.

The second factor is the width of cooktop. Typical cooktop on the market can be found is either 30, 36, and 48 inches. I absolutely like the most wide 48 inches cooktop. Unfortunately a large cooktop also requires many corresponding upgrades including range hood, countertop. Finally we picked one with 36 inches width. Though smaller, this width  provides spacious area for large wok and one or two extra burners which are very attractive compared to its smaller counterpart.

Finally, we picked a cooktop GE profile JGP633SETSS (here). We were a little concerned that he support rig doesn't look very rigid. But it turned out to be very nice and easy to handle.

One lesson we learned after using this cooktop for a few months is the control knobs on the cooktop is very annoying. They are prone to be contaminated by oil spill. A small trick is covering it with a dampen cloths during cooking. However, if I could have done it all over, I will go for a cooktop like KitchenAid KGCU467VSS (here). Do you see the difference? By moving control knobs from top panel to front panel, you can save precious space for cookware, and avoid annoying dirty on the knobs.

Electrolux Icon cooktop

KitchenAid KGCU467VSS


  1. Just my 2 cent. I like to buy top designer home appliance, such as viking, thermator, subzero.

    For clothes, I may buy desgners on sale.

    1. Lesson learned :(... We used the package our builder provided, GE profile...

    2. I see. I like both fashion and home design. For home, I use top brand.

      For clothes, I buy them at on sale. Those brand names have good discount after season. DG, giorgio armani, paul smith has 50-75%.

      I have your style and taste.


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