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Filling: soybean sprout, sesame oil, chopped scallion, minced ginger, white baked sesame, fresh chili sauce (剁椒), sugar, salt, light soy sauce. Stir fry soybean sprout with 1tsp oil for 1 minute. Switch to low heat for 5 minutes with a lid. Mix pre-cooked soybean sprout with all the other ingredients and adjust the taste to be slightly salty... just slightly! Salt is very important for spicy and sweet tastes!

Bun: 3 cup all purpose flour, 1 cup water, 1/2 table spoon fast yeast, 1 tea spoon baking powder. I use Panasonic bread machine (here) to rise the bun, choosing 'dough' mode. It takes about 45 minutes. After you seal the buns, leave them there for at least 20 minutes before begin steaming. Steaming takes about 15 minutes, but leave the lid covered for an extra 3-minute. 

包子开锅瘪是个普遍的问题,在揉面的时候加入少量泡打粉 baking powder可以解决这个恼人的事... enjoy!


猪脚 (请肉店的帮助剁成小块), 约900g
冰糖    90g
花椒     5g
干辣椒  5g
八角大料  4个
沙姜 2块
桂皮 手指大小2块
生姜 一大块, 切成小块
生抽 1/3 cup
料酒  3 tbsp
醋      3 tbsp
水      3 cups

1.去血水。先把切好的猪肉用冷水泡20分钟, 洗净。然后把猪肉冷水一起放锅里,大火烧开后关火,洗净肉沫
2.炒糖色.锅里放一点点油,放冰糖 (我喜欢美国的冰糖,这里,炒到冰糖融化开始发黄,放入猪脚炒到肉块上稍微裹上色.放所有其他原料和水.大火烧开,转小火,盖上盖子烧 2.5小时。拿掉盖子,转中到大火,收干些水汁,看到肉逐渐变得亮晶晶就可以了!


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