Anthropologie coral metallic eyelet dress & Leifsdottir white cotton shirt from Anthro sale

Anthropologie metallic eyelet dress (here, also good choice here)
Chanel classic flats
Anthropologie had a second price cut of some spring/summer dresses! After tried this coral dress several times and read helpful reviews (here), I took it home yesterday! I love the color and metallic eyelet fabric. I have been looking for a coral dress for several years (my last coral dress was bought in college)... I will love to wear it for a summer day stroll, girls day out and not very formal dinner. In spite of couple issues, I think it worth the price, $49.99! 

It seems to be sold out online, but I saw several available in stores. Just in case that some of you want to locate this dress, I want to mention those issues. First, the polyester lining is annoying! It makes this dress hard to wear in super hot days. In addition, the quality of polyester lining doesn't seem to be great. I noticed tears in the lining of several dresses (people might try wrong sizes). Second, as many other Anthropologie dresses, the side zipper stuck when going over the seams at the waist. Needs extra patience :). Third, the neckline is a little bit low, which makes this dress not workplace appropriate. Except the color, another (black/white) on sale eyelet dress (here, was $168 is $49.95) has much better quality! 

The another treasure I dug out from Anthropologie sale rack is Leifsdottir zola white shirt / tunic (here). Leifsdottir is my most favorite brand in Anthropologie, which always has decent quality and nice cut! This white tunic shirt is my first sight love. I tried it several months ago, but it was sold out very quickly in our local stores. Luckily, I met it again (on the sale rack...) at the time I almost forgot it... If you are looking for a casual white shirt, you may want to try this. I wear my normal size.

Leifsdottir zola shirt (here)


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