17 days in Switzerland and Italy (7) - Murren and Schilthorn, Switzerland

Day 2 in Interlaken - Alps

Waking up, the first thing we did was to turn on the TV to watch the weather situation at Jungfraud and Schilthorn. (These are the two main summits in the Bernese Alps.) Live webcam videos showed that the weather at Jungfraud was still aweful but Schilthorn finally cleared up a bit. So, we could finally visit the Alps today.

To visit Alps, we had to change trains several times. First part of the route was form Interlaken West to Lauterbrunnen. From here, people can choose to either take the train to go to Jungfraubahn or take the cable car to go to Murren (and then go to Schilthorn). Surprisingly (or maybe not), all the passengers continued their journey to Jungfraud (though the visibility there was pretty bad) except us two and an Indian family. We six were the only ones who chose to take the cable car.

After the cable car and another short train ride in snow, we finally arrived in Murren, which was totally covered in fog.


It was deadly quiet in Murren. We were told by the B&B hostess that Murren is a nice town and is worth visiting. Well, apparently the peak season hasn't arrived yet. For a while, we were the only two walking on the almost "empty" town. Still, a very unique experience.

It took us about 15 minutes to walk from Murren station to the Gimmelwald cable car station. From here, we purchased the cable car tickets to go all the way to Birg and then to Schilthorn. (All the train/cable car rides before this point were free with the Swiss Pass, and this part of the cable car tickets are half-priced. Go Swiss Pass!)  I must say that this part of the cable car ride was scary (to me) but the view was stunning beautiful! The cable car was simply climbing in clouds. Valleys and surrounding mountains were covered in snow. The cliffs were right before the cable car and made you realize that the height you were reaching.


We finally arrived in Schilthorn after a short stop in Birg. With an altitude of 2971m, the summit is windy and cold. Half of the passengers in our cable car rode all the way up here for skiing and snowboarding. (Just like people say, Swiss is the heaven for skiing and snowboarding.) The rest of us were, of course, tourists. A picture is better than thousand words.

On our way down, we had a short 30-min stay in Brig. From there, we took some more pictures.


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