1200CFM Range Hood – An Important Factor in Kitchen

Range Hood – An Important Factor in Kitchen

Range hood (here)
Doesn’t matter what you cook, steaks, burger, fries, or pasta, odor and grease created will linger and make your kitchen a mass. A range hood can remove these unfavorable side effects from cooking and make us enjoy. We gave it quite a bit considerations:

1.       Indoor or outdoor range hoods:

It is almost no brainier that an indoor range hood cannot handle a busy kitchen. You have to opt for a out-door model if you cook even moderately. In-door range hood only cycle gas inside house while out-door mode ventilates smoke and odors to outside.

2.       Material

We consider the model with stainless steel to match with other appliances. The stainless steel surface is more durable and won’t decolor over time.

3.       Performance

The performance of range hood can be classified as ventilation rate, noise level. We select a model with a maximum 1200 CFM (cubic feet per minute). I found it is a good combination of ventilation rate and noise level. The noise of our model is bearable at the highest setting, which is occasionally used during deep frying.  One friend has a really exotic model that the blower is installed in the attic, which reduces the noise level to nearly zero.

4.       Maintenance

The professional level range hood has an oil screen which can be removed and washed in a dish washer. The photo below shows such a screen in our model. I strongly recommend you get a range hood with the similar capability.

5.       Size

We have a 36 inch range and naturally select a 36 inch wide range hood. Our model is wall mounted, which means that the hood is directly connected to the ceiling. I have seen some houses have crown molding around hood which looks really decent.

6.       Brand name

We select an unknown brand Z-line from Amazon (here). It works well for last two months. The price is much lower than those with a big name. The only problem we had was when we opened the box and installed it; there was a small dent on the front surface. So it is highly recommended you open the box and inspect the hood immediately after receiving it.
Many probably bought hood from Costco, however, the capability of those on costco seems to be non-comparable to the 1200 CFM unit here. Just my two cents.
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  1. Thanks for sharing, very helpful!

  2. My kitchen uses thermador range hood. I still need replace filter every year because I don't cook too much.

  3. Another important detail is to always hook them to pipes with big-enough diameter according to the manuals.

  4. 谢谢分享。想问下你的买来包括上面的duck吗?还是要另外买?好像duck本身就要100多?


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