Learn to Read - A Great Start for Kids

Learn to read (here)
My little one is six year old and just finished Kindergarten. As a bilingual family, we were concerned of his English speaking and reading. We came across of <Learn to Read> series almost a year ago and bought the Kindergarten I and had Nathan try it. He did fall in love with it and quickly mastered that. He also advanced to <First Grade II>. The <Learn to Read> series are attractive tool for young kids. We also recommend to some friends and their kids shared similar experience. If you have children around 4~7 years old, I recommend your children to try this interactive tool, and I am sure the kid will become a confident reader.
<Learn to Read> has many levels ranging from pre-Kindergarten to level 2. Select a proper level for your kids but I am sure they will exceed their level in no time.




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