Etro Embroidered Silk blouse

Etro embroidered silk blouse (here)
Parker zoe skirt (here, and check in store sale at Nordstrom)
Happy Friday, everyone! When I picked the color of curtains, paints and tiles for our new house, I had a color wheel with me all the time...

From the color wheel (or color theory), Navy and orange are complementary colors, which are opposites on the wheel. When complementary colors come together, they really pop! - This is what I played today :-)

The fabric of this Etro blouse (silk crepe de chine) has a glossy luster and beautiful subtle texture. Though the silk is light-to-medium weight, it resists wrinkle very well! The details, necklace-like embroidery and knotted sleeves, are also breath taking! It runs small (size 40 is about xs-to-small). 

Before close, there is a quick reminder of the sale at Nordstrom! Most of Miss Wu spring and summer clothes are 60% off now. If your size is not available online, try 'online chat' service for store availability check. Also, if you made a purchase within the past 3 month, you may get a price adjustment (through online chat service or in-store). Happy shopping, and

Enjoy weekend~