London trip day3: move to Windsor

Massimo Dutti lace top (on sale here)
Zara sweater (sale here)
Vince pants (here)
Salvatore Ferragamo flats
We moved to Windsor today and will stay here for a few days before go back to London. Windsor is about 20 miles away from central London, and the easiest way (via public transportation) getting here is taking bus 702. We stay at Holiday Inn express, 0.6 miles away from Windsor Castle. The hotel room is very clean and modern designed, but the space is small!

We had a stroll in Windsor and planned to spend a day on exploring the castle and a day in legoland.  By the way, it is so windy and cold here... 

Spanish Tapas bar and restaurant 

Thank you for your reading!


  1. 你看上去很漂亮,儿子好可爱,虽然我没有常常发言,还是一直有看你的博客哦。SF的鞋子可以旅行的时候穿吗?我每次去欧洲都是从早走到晚,总觉得走路才不会错过好风景,常常为找一双漂亮而舒适的鞋伤脑筋:) 梅庄

  2. Same here! I love to have a stroll. SF flats and pumps ( 1.5 '' heel) are good for me, but I won't wear them walking all day.... This time, I walk in my cole haan oxford flats..

  3. your son has grown a lot.


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