London trip: day 2 - Natural history museum and Harrods

Lululemon jacket
Vince leggings (here, inseam 28'', true to size)
Cole Haan shoes (here, true to size)
LV bag
The first two days of our London trip, we stayed at NH Kensington hotel. Purple line train directly took us from Heathrow airport to the hotel. There is a good selection of restaurants and supermarkets located within a walking distance. It is about 0.6 mile away from Natural history museum and 1.5 mile from Harrods. The hotel room is quiet and comfy while it is relatively smaller than an averaged 4-star hotel in the US. Also there are less pillows and towels... go green I guess...

AllSaints tee (here)
Our vacation always starts with museums or zoos. Museums in London are free and great for kids! We spent 4 hours in Natural history museum then quickly browsed Victoria Albert museum today.

Later afternoon, we went to Harrods. Harrods might be the largest department store that I ever visited. It sells food, furniture, cosmetics, accessories, clothes, toys etc. - you name it! Big name bags, certain brands of shoes and clothes are cheaper than those in the US, while most of clothes and shoes are more expensive... However whenever it is super crowded and busy, my passion for shopping was diminished... I left Harrods only with couple toys and a box of macaron.

We had dinner at chinatown, Four Seasons Chinese restaurant, as recommended by my friend. Then walked all the way back to the hotel after the dinner - about 3 miles, passing Hyde park and Buckingham Palace. Hopefully a whole day walking (at least 6 miles) could help us overcome the jet lag quickly :)...


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