Korean beef short ribs & salad with ginger miso dressing : 30 min dinner prep

I am a huge fan of Whole Foods in general, but I do like frozen food from Trader Joe's (especially Korean and Indian food). I also notice that food and drinks in Trader Joe's are at better prices than those in Whole Foods. 
Korean style short ribs, $9.99 (1.25 lb). They are pre-marinated, and what you need is a grill pan (even no oil is needed!). Ribs came out delicious!

Salad (cherry tomato, greens, avocado, nuts...) with ginger miso dressing is also highly recommended! The only store I found this dressing is Whole Foods, or you may try Amazon (here).


  1. Just tried the ribs.. sooo good! My 7-year-old even declared this is the best day of his life because of the ribs :) Thank you so much for the recommendation!

  2. Sound very good. Will give a try! Thank you,

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