Chambray shirt & JNBY cropped pants: my experience of Bar Method

J.Crew chambray shirt (here)
JNBY cropped pants (shop this brand here)
Fendi belt (similar here and here)
Chanel flats
Happy Wednesday! It seems that summer is around the corner now, warm and sunny!


After doing workout with Bar Method for a month, I would like to quickly share my experience with our fabby readers :-). I started my membership with Bar Method after heard many good words from Michelle and another girl friend. The philosophy of Bar Method workout is muscle shaping: fat burning muscle training followed by immediate stretch. It is one hour class which will not make you sweat a lot but will keep your muscles (arm, abs and legs) shaking... The day after my first Bar class, I barely dragged myself out of bed - given the fact that I workout regularly, you can imagine how Bar Method workout is different from swimming and running. Now, I try to workout 5 days per week, including two Bar Method classes, running (5k and up) and swimming (~2k). Since it is warm now, I also try to walk 3 miles several time per week in addition.  After one month, I gained 3 lbs but waist size went down -

I can fit into a size 24 jeans even after a heavy lunch. One reason I gained some weight is food... too much sweets, carbs and meat. I should have controlled a little bit. Back to topic of Bar Method workout, if their workout philosophy is the niche point to get me start, their atmosphere there is the key to keep me going. I feel peer pressure from those ladies standing next to me and from gorgeous instructors...

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