Colorblock dress for this spring and summer! (update at 4/12)

Shoshanna caitlin combo dress (here)

I was sold to colorblock when the picture of Louise Roe in this beautiful silk dress came to my sight. I would love to know who made her shoes... The color combination of this dress is perfect for spring and fall. The only concern I have is the ratio of navy to orange in the back. Will it make me look shorter? 

Kate Spade Claudette dress (here)
 To avoid large horizontal blocks, I took home a Kate Spade Claudette dress during ongoing Friends and Family event in Bloomingdales (here). The fabric is thick and has high luster (satin-like-finish). It is true to size. 

Kate Spade Harlow dress (here)
I also took home a Harlow dress from Bloomingdales. Harlow dress has the same fabric as the above Claudette dress. Beige and black combination is easy to pull off. I am debating between these two... I will do a review for both of them this weekend!

update at 4/12:

I was so disappointed that I had to send both dresses back! They wrinkled easily, and wrinkles showed clearly on the thick and shining fabric.


  1. Never tried Kate Spade clothes before. Are they true to size? Which size did you order for the Harlow dress?

    1. Kate Spade clothes are well made! Both dresses are true to size. I bought size 0 for both. Harlow dress fits perfectly, and Claudette dress may be slightly roomy.


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